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How to prepare for General Intelligence and Reasoning section of RRB NTPC Stage 2

Vinay Kumar | January 4, 2017 at 5:24 pm

RRB NTPC General Intelligence and Reasoning

RRB has decided to conduct 2nd stage exam for selection of candidates for various posts under RRB NTPC notification. Exam will take place on 17th to 19th January, 2017. The good thing about stage 2 exam is that RRB has kept all the 3 sections same as that of stage 1. Now you need to put your best efforts to clear stage 2 of RRB NTPC to become an employee of Indian Railways. In order to make this happen for you, we would like to suggest you a detailed study plan which also includes:


RRB NTPC stage 2 Exam Pattern and Expected Cut off

Stage 2 of RRB NTPC will be an online Computer Based Test (CBT) consisting of 3 Subjects mentioned below-

  • 1 mark for correct answer while for an incorrect answer there is penalty of 1/3rd marks.
S. no Subject No of questions Duration
1 General Intelligence and Reasoning 35 90 Minutes
2 Arithmetic 35
3 General Awareness. 50
Total 120
  • RRB NTPC expected overall cut off for stage 2 is discussed below.
Post General (UR) OBC SC ST
Commercial Apprentice 97 85 85 60
Traffic Apprentice 90 79 77 71
ECRC 82 71 70 64
Goods Guard 95 87 85 65
Sr. Clerk 84 68 66 55
ASM 83 72 68 60

The level of questions in the paper is expected to be high this time, as all the 3 subjects are same that of stage 1. Considering the high competition you need to put your best efforts to cleat the cut off so it is better to prepare in a well planned manner. We have shared a detailed study plan which is based on the analysis of previous year General Intelligence and Reasoning papers of RRB NTPC.


RRB NTPC General Intelligence and Reasoning Section

General Intelligence and Reasoning test is conducted to test Logical and General Mental Abilities of candidates. For this Reasoning Ability test uses a rational, systematic series of steps. Thus, the questions under Reasoning Ability section are designed to bring out the best competence of the candidate.


Trend Analysis

Before you start preparing for RRB NTPC Mains, first step is to trace the paper pattern of previous years and analyze expected trend for this year. Here is Expected number of questions from General Intelligence and Reasoning section for RRB NTPC stage 2 based on previous year papers.

Chapters Topics No. of Questions
2012 Expected
Analogy Completing the Analogous Pair based on Number, Alphabet and Word Analogy 3 5
Classification Choose the odd number 1 5
Choose the odd one on the basis of Vocabulary and General Knowledge 2
Sequences Logical Sequence of Words 3 5
Time Sequences
Series Complete the Number Series 3 5
Mathematical Operations Number Puzzles 2 3
Interchanging of Operators 1
Coding-Decoding Message Coding – Code of a word 2 3
Rule Coding: Find the code on basis of given rule
Blood Relations Family Members 2 3
Direction Sense Direction 2 2
Seating Arrangement Circular Seating 2 2
Linear Seating in 1 row
Clock & Calendar Problems based on Calendar 1 1
Syllogisms and Venn Diagrams Syllogisms using 1or 2 statements 1 1
Total 25 35

Trend analysis provides us a detailed idea of the different topics from which questions are asked frequently based on the RRB NTPC Stage 2 syllabus. We expect the trend will also hold in RRB NTPC stage 2 General Intelligence and Reasoning paper. Based on the analysis of trends and cut off marks, an exam strategy and detailed study plan to cover important topics under RRB NTPC stage 2 are discussed below.


Exam Strategy

General Intelligence and Reasoning is a practice based subject. The more you practice, the quicker you will solve a question which will also enhance your accuracy. To stand a good score in reasoning, follow the below given exam strategy to attempt most of the questions.

  • Time limits: You have total 90 minutes for 120 questions, which gives you 45 seconds per question.
  • First Target: Set your first target to solve atleast 30 questions taking 50 seconds per question which gives you 25 minutes for Arithmetic section. Try to attempt these questions with 100% accuracy.
  • Second Target: After attempting 30 questions try to solve remaining questions in the time you are have with 90% accuracy. This will get you about 33 marks from this section.
  • It is suggested before you start, you should take mock papers of General Intelligence and Reasoning section for RRB NTPC Stage 2 so that you can easily point out your strongest and weakest points and work on them.


Study plan and Important Topics

Based on analysis of previous year papers of RRB NTPC Stage 2, we have prepared a detailed study plan which will help you to point out important topics and types of questions asked from them.

S. No Chapter Topics Remarks
1 Analogy Based on Word, number, alphabet, and arrangement In Analogies you need to identify relationships between pair of words, numbers and alphabets based on which you are supposed to pick the correct answer. Consider the word analogy example: Writing : Pen :: Typing : ? ; here as you need pen for writing in the same way you need keyboard for typing.
2 Classification Choose the odd one on the basis of Vocabulary, GK or odd Number In the classification types of questions, any odd or different word, Number, Alphabet, and arrangement is asked to classify. These concepts are also applicable to solve various other problems like in seating arrangement problems you are asked to pick odd one out on the basis of arrangement.
2 Sequences Alphabet, Number & Time Sequences and Rankings Here a sequence of alphabets, words or numbers is given based on which you need to answer some questions. Most Sequencing puzzles are of Ranking type, where you need to arrange things/ persons according to ranks. There can be 1 or more direct questions from this or Ranking is also useful to solve various seating arrangement problems. For example when relative distance between 2 persons is given as “A is sitting 3rd to B”.
4 Series Number and/or Alphabet series In this type of questions certain terms of a series are given based on the pattern followed by them, you are supposed to find the missing term or complete the series. The series can be alphabet or number series.
5 Mathematical Operations Number Puzzles, Interchanging of Operators A number puzzle which requires application of mathematical operations is asked. It consists of simple mathematical operation like percentage, proportions, ratios etc. For example the problems based on ages. Alogwith that there is an expression in which you are given operators interchanging for example, if + represents * then solve: 5 + 7 + 48.
6 Coding-Decoding Rule Coding, Message and Word Coding Rule Coding, where you need to code / decode on the basis of given rules, and message coding are the most frequently asked questions. In which a message is coded based on that you have to find code for a given word.
7 Blood Relations Relations puzzle and Coded Relations Here, description of relationships between peoples is given in direct, jumbled or coded forms you are expected to determine relationships. To solve them it is advisable to draw a family tree. A question may be directly asked from this or it can be combined with other topics like Selection problems and Seating Arrangement.
8 Distance and Direction Distance and Direction Sense Test In this type of questions a sequence of Distance and/ or directions is given. Based on which you need to determine the final Distance and/ or directions from the starting point. There may be direct questions based on Distance and Direction or they are also used to solve various other puzzles like in Seating Arrangement puzzles an instruction can be given as “P is sitting at immediate Right of Q”.
9 Seating Arrangements Linear Seating in 1 row Linear Seating puzzles are based on Seating of persons in 1 row. While in Problems based on Circular Seating the persons are seated around a table, facing inwards or outwards. You can easily solve these problems if you learn the concepts of Directions and Ranking well.
Circular Seating
10 Clock & Calendar Calendar, Clocks, Units of Time Most questions on Calendars, and a few on Clocks. In calendars type, any date may be given with the day and will ask for any other date. Sometimes, these questions may require you to convert from one unit of time to another.
11 Syllogisms and Venn Diagrams Syllogisms using 1 or more statements In this type of questions, 1 or more sentence (predicates) is given based on that there are some conclusions so, you need to check whether these conclusions are true or false. It can be tested by designing the venn diagram for the given statements.

Above study plan is based on trends analysis of previous years papers of General Intelligence and Reasoning section of RRB NTPC Mains. You should refer detailed study materials for preparation of RRB NTPC Stage 2. And also take online mock tests for RRB NTPC Stage 2 for practice and to assess the areas in which you need to prepare harder.


Points to Keep in Mind

Don’t forget that only scores of stage 2 consists of 70% weigtage in final merit list so, it is very important to clear this section with good score. Also put your best efforts in preparing General Arithmetic and General Awareness sections. The above study plan provides you guidance on the areas that you need to cover to do well in the RRB NTPC stage 2 exam. Also try taking some free mock tests for RRB NTPC Stage 2 exam so that you can test your understanding of the subjects. For that it is good to have an exam platform which is based on updated pattern. To take tests, login to where you will also get detailed analysis of mock test alongwith free study materials for RRB NTPC exam.

Good Luck!!

Vinay Kumar


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